Still Here For You

COVID-19 Pandemic Information


Plain and very much not simple – this disease has affected almost every single person you know in some way. It is changing the how we go about life and, in its wake, leaving so many lessons for us. For those who have contracted the virus, it could be a terrifying and life threatening situation. For those who haven’t, maybe it has changed you in ways that aren’t as obvious but has weighed on other parts of your health like your physical or mental well being. We do know that this disease is particularly dangerous for the immune compromised. Being a health-based non-profit, we strive every single day to take actions to protect our patients, their families and our whole community. Though we can’t protect them from contagious disease nor cancer, we can still do our part and show up the best way we know how. 

We love and adore our community members and donors and hope that everyone is staying safe and smart during these uncertain times. 

Regardless, we want you to know we are 

still here for you 

-The HCBCF Team 


Masks help protect you, me and the more vulnerable members of our communities. We believe in the business of saving lives. Bring out your inner superhero and MASK UP! Protect yourself and protect your neighboring Boonies - it's the high country way.


Keep the recommended 6 feet of social distance and remember: This thing is hard on ALL of us and now more than ever, we need to be patient and kind to one another and know that things just look different right now. A friendly reminder that patience is contagious.


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear (who ever's lucky day it currently is).. Happy Birthday to you....!" Did you just sing this to your self? That's the amount of time you should spend washing your hands with warm water and soap, 20 seconds or longer! - So share the love and keep them hands clean.

Allyson Medlin | Director



Our team believes in equipping those we serve with the tools and assistance needed to support each individual’s needs. Therefore we have listed some resources here on this page that may be of use to those seeking more information on the pandemic. 


Monitoring Your Area

A collaborative health effort between  Georgetown University Center for Global Health and Security, Stanford School of Medicine, & Grand Rounds where you can see live updates in your area. 

MEntal health

Self Care

There are many virtual options available to help you take care of your mental health during this time.