Our Purpose


Providing continuous support when it's needed most

The mission of the High Country Breast Cancer Foundation
is to support breast cancer patients, survivors, and their families
in the High Country of North Carolina.

who we are

Our Values


Our commitment to helping those in need is the very foundation of why we do what we do. Integrity in all things is a high priority of ours so that we may maintain the trust of our local community.


We promise to have empathy in all of our efforts. Our team will show up for the community and our patients with a kind heart and the energy needed to make a difference in our High Country home.


Service is our guiding principle and through unwavering stewardship we are able to support and give aid to our patients and their families as they courageously fight this disease.

An HCBCF Pledge

Irene, our founder and president, promises that our foundation’s efforts are direct from wallet to patient. Therefore, she covers the cost of everything with earnings from her Real Estate business: The pink tents, our signature tutus, pink ducks, the free food we provide at community events, the race t-shirts and gift packets, the entertainment on race day, the advertising expenses, etc.


Every penny...

…that we receive from sponsors, fundraisers and donors goes to help those in need, right here in the High Country. Consider us your humble conduit between those in the community who can give and those in the community who need that gift.


Making Change...

…from 2017 to today. Irene, her officers, and YOU – our neighbors – have come together to make sure that the Foundation accomplishes its mission: to help the local community and let those facing breast cancer know their community is fighting the fight with them.



Our annual sponsors...


Individual donations made year round as well as community events that raise donations for us account for a large part of our funds that go directly towards the patients we assists.

Community Events

Some of our amazing sponsors

As Treasurer of this amazing foundation, I am amazed at the generosity of all our volunteers and donors. As a woman, I feel blessed to be able to help other women in our community.

Cindy Kovalchin

treasurer | OFFICER

5K Location
American Legion Hall, Blowing Rock, NC 28605